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The Cabinet of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India forms the executive branch of the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The State Cabinet of Andhra Pradesh for the second term of Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy was sworn in on 25 May 2009. Following the death of Y.S Rajasekhara Reddy on 2 September 2009, K Rosaiah took charges as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, and all 34 ministers were re-sworn in order to resume their duties on 6 September 2009.After the resignation of K Rosaiah, N Kiran Kumar Reddy took charges as the Chief Minister, and the fresh cabinet Ministers were sworn on 1 December 2010.


Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 42 Lok Sabha (Lower House of the Parliament) constituencies in Andhra Pradesh state in southern India


A Member of Legislative Assembly, or MLA, is a representative elected by the voters of an electoral district to the Legislature of a State in the Indian system of government. Each state has between four and nine MLAs for every Member of Parliament (MP) that it has in the Lok Sabha. A Member of Legislative Council, or MLC, is a representative indirectly elected through an electoral college to the Legislature of a State having a bicameral legislature


The Andhra Pradesh Vidhan Parishad (Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council) is the upper house of the legislature of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh; the lower house being the Andhra Pradesh Vidhan Sabha. It is situated in the state capital of Hyderabad, and is constituted of 90 members. The Vidhan Parishad has been in existence in two spells - from 1958 to 1985, and from 2007 till today.


The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation in short (GHMC) earlier known as the MCH is the urban planning agency that oversees Hyderabad, the capital and largest city in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is the local government for the City of Hyderabad. Its geographical area covers most of the urban development agency the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA)


Hyderabad Corporation zones, circles and wards are divided by GHMC for its planning and development in Hyderabad, India.

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