Hyderabad Talent Search

   Talent Search is a series of events which aim at bringing forth and highlighting varied talents of folks in Hyderabad. Here age and talent are not constrained in any manner and we aim at promoting and highlighting these on our web portal as well as web channel. We are open to Dance, Music, Arts, Crafts, Sports, Skills, Cooking, Magic, Fitness, etc. by people of any age group. School & College Kids, Businessmen, Corporate & other employees, Consultants, Professionals, Housewives, etc. ALL are welcome. With this Dance Competition we are looking at providing a unique platform for SCHOOL KIDS to explore their inner talent, improve their confidence and achieve wide recognition not just locally but also internationally. The children will be given a platform (stage), an audience and an opportunity to entertain us all and bring forth their talent. Their videos and pictures would also be posted on our web channel. Our Creative Digital Solutions (CDS) team has special packages to further support and encourage their talent and help them develop an impressive portfolio.

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