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Ch Malla Reddy

Born: Ch Malla Reddy, 9 September 1953 (age 60), Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Occupation : Politician,Educationalist,Entrepreneur,Social worker
Religion: Hindu
Spouse: Ch Kalpana Reddy
Children: 2 sons and 1 daughter

Ch Malla Reddy is an Indian politician and a Participant of Parliament from Malkajgiri (Lok Sabha constituency), Telangana. He won the Indian general election, 2014 being a Telugu Desam Party Candidate.

Personal life

He is married to Ch Kalpana Reddy and has two kids Ch.Mahender Reddy a Business man by profession,Ch.Bhadra Reddy a Physician by career and a daughter girl M.Mamtha Reddy.

Early life

Shri CH Malla Reddy was born on 9 Sept 1953 into a family that earned its livelihood from livelihood . His dad, his two young bros and he would cycle close to 20 kilometers at dawn and sell milk to the hotels in the city.Minimal knowledge saw to it that he could not get any job and life, therefore, was not a bed of flowers. He stepped into Carried Well (diggings rigs) business and used to walk all over the state to entice clients. cycle close to 20 kilometers at dawn and sell milk to the hotels in the city.

Business career

Publish the change of secure in the governmental field and alternative of the huge old celebration in A.P. twenty six years ago, things modified quickly. At about this time Mr. Malla Reddy made the decision to charter a different course, one that came out of his absence to train and learning and his respect for the discovered. Year 1987 saw his desire materializing in the form of having a college in Balanagar in a collaboration with three other associates. The control of the university was finding it difficult to run it and contacted Mr. Malla Reddy for help in two areas namely fund and effective control. However, Mr. Malla Reddy was at the same time seeking borewell business and plant & fruits agriculture at his our ancestors area in Maisammaguda town. He gained considerable experience in managing school education.


By developing various Educational Societies namely Malla Reddy Educational Society, Chandramma Educational Society, CMR Educational Society, St.Martins Education and learning Community he established over 19 Technological innovation and Technological Universities, Two Healthcare Universities, Two Oral Universities, Two medical facilities at Kandlakoya, Suraram, Maisammaguda and Dhulapally Towns from the year 2002 beginning with Malla Reddy Technological innovation Higher education. As on today, these four villages in the borders of north part of Hyderabad have become significant learning facilities with a number of organizations performing education in Technological innovation, Pharmacy, MBA, MCA and Healthcare professions. Above six thousand staff and fifty thousand students are being imparted employment and quality education from primary level to the post graduate level.Upon his entry into Politics he resigned as the Chairman from all four Educational Societies thus being relieved from his duties and so as to serve the people uninterruptedly but as a token of respect continues to be a Honorary Founder.

Health City

As a first step towards developing the Health Town, Malla Reddy Hospital center (a educating hospital) and a Medical Organization i.e. Malla Reddy Higher education of Medical were began in the season of 2010 and 2011 respectively. Thereafter Malla Reddy Organization of Healthcare Sciences (MRIMS) was the first Healthcare Organization to be recognized this year in the Health City. Soon he has recognized another Healthcare Higher education only for Females known as Malla Reddy Healthcare Higher education for Woman(MRMCW) and two Dental Colleges namely Malla Reddy Institute of Dental Sciences (MRIDS) and Malla Reddy Dental College for Woman (MRDCW) from the academic year 2013-2014 thereby making him the only person in India to achieve such a feat.

Political career

Shri Ch Malla Reddy announced his grand entry into Politics in January 2014. On March 19, 2014 he joined the Telugu Desam Party. He received the party ticket on April 9, 2014 and within an entire short span of 45 days i.e.;On May 16, 2014 he went onto win the Indian general election, 2014 in the Largest Constituency of India in terms of population Malkajgiri (Lok Sabha constituency) and created history by winning by a margin of 28,815 Votes.

Last Updated on : 27-January-2014

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